Specialist for onshore and offshore plants

Fields of expertise

International Expertise

PT Istana Karang Laut (PT IKL), was incorporated in 1981 under Indonesian law to supply process equipment, plants and facilities for the Oil and Gas Industry. Since March 2015, PT IKL has been fully integrated into the international contractor Entrepose Group.

Over the years, Entrepose PT IKL has developed its experience as an EPC Contractor involved in Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation and Maintenance of Process Plants both on shore and offshore. Entrepose PT IKL is particularly active in Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

A portfolio of specialist skills

Excellence and innovative solutions

Based on its in-house engineering resources and experience in challenging areas, Entrepose PT IKL provides its clients with innovative and flexible solutions for their complex projects. Based in the very dynamic energy market of Southeast Asia, the company’s location provides opportunities to develop unique projects such as small condensate and crude oil refineries, or small-scale LNG regasification.
Entrepose PT IKL also contributes its expertise in support of the group’s projects worldwide.
When required, Entrepose PT IKL can assist its clients in securing and structuring financing at the early stages of the project, with Entrepose Group’s assistance.

Prestigious References

Proven Expertise in Complex Project Performance

Over 35 years, Entrepose PT IKL has demonstrated its proven expertise with a track record in completing complex projects for IOCs and NOCs in difficult areas. Through this experience, it has developed a strong reputation on the market.
All of Entrepose PT IKL’s projects are managed by professional and experienced managers dedicated to a specific assignment. They have full responsibility to execute the work to satisfy the client’s requirements for safety, performance, quality and schedule.